Line Up 2023 final confirmed

by David Bredebach

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons and Vandenberg complete the bill

Headliners ACCEPT, co-headliners GOTTHARD, The Dead Daisies and heavy metal all-star project All For Metal have been joined by Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons and Vandenberg.

The running order is as follows

  1. Accept
  2. Gotthard
  3. Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons (plays Motörhead)
  4. The Dead Daisies
  5. Vandenberg
  6. All For Metal

With Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, an absolute rock veteran joins the billing: Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell. He will be accompanied by his son Todd Campbell (also on guitar) and his brothers Tyla (bass) and Dane (drums) as well as singer Joel Peters. The unusual family band will perform a very special show in memory of the late Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister, playing a pure Motörhead set.

And with Vandenberg, another cult musician joins the band: Adrian Vandenberg was the main man at David Coverdale's side during Whitesnake's commercial heyday. With his own band VANDENBERG he will present songs from the current chart album "Sin" as well as Whitesnake hits. He will be supported by monster singer Mats Levén (Yngwie Malmsteen, Trans-Siberian Orchestra), who in 2023 sounds like Coverdale at his best.

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